Education and Mediation

The exhibition “Schmidt! Living democracy” is a lively place to learn about contemporary history and democracy. Our educational programme relating to the permanent exhibition is evolving continuously. Do you have wishes or suggestions? Then do get in touch with us:

On offer at the exhibition

  • “Schmidt to go” cards to collect

    Visitors young and old can take home their favourite exhibits from our exhibition as cards in postcard format with extra information about the exhibits. You can pick up a free slip case to keep them in at the exhibition welcome desk.

  • Opinion wall

    Helmut Schmidt loved debating – sometimes provocatively in the Bundestag as “Schmidt Schnauze” (Schmidt the lip), sometimes in more measured tones as Chancellor and elder statesman. Share your thoughts on the controversial statements of the man who gives his name to our foundation, for example on the introduction of the euro or human rights in the People’s Republic of China.

  • Your vote counts! Poll on the future of democracy

    More referendums? Lowering the minimum voting age, or more authority for the EU? In each thematic section of the exhibition, visitors can vote on issues that have a topical relevance to the future of democracy. Watch how the results change in real time on a monitor at the exit – and get into conversation with others. Various formats used at the foundation take account of the poll. Your vote counts!