FOTAR2018: Challenges in Trade, Security and Environmental Policy

International Conference | Hamburg, 16./17. Nov 2018

On 16/17 November 2018, the Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung and the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg held their first joint conference at the University of Hamburg.

The focus of the FOTAR2018 international conference, “The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Challenges in Trade, Security and Environmental Policy” was the future of transatlantic relations amidst the fundamental change under the US “America First” policy that had resulted in punitive tariffs, doubts about the point of NATO and withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Among the high-profile speakers were Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister; Olaf Scholz, the German Vice-Chancellor; Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, the former US Deputy Secretary of Energy; Geneviève Pons, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute in Brussels; and Tacan Ildem, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at NATO.

The joint event from the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation and the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg was supported by the Hamburg Parliament.

With its three panels on “Trade and Investment”, “Environment and Climate” and “Peace and Security”, the conference provided a platform for experts from politics, academia, journalism, business and civil society who wanted to exchange views and further develop the relationship between the US and Europe.


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