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Photographic exhibition

Photographic exhibition “100 years in 100 pictures”

Photographic exhibition | Hamburg, extended to 31 Oct 2019

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  • Every Friday at 3.30 p.m.: free 15-minute introduction to the photographic exhibition. No booking required.

For anyone who wants to experience all Helmut Schmidt’s many facets, this photographic exhibition “100 years in 100 pictures” is the place to come. The exhibition runs in Hamburg till 31 October 2019.

The team at the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation have selected one motif for each year of Schmidt’s life, some of them little known or seldom seen photographs. Helmut Schmidt is portrayed as a lad from Barmbek, for instance, as an MP for the SPD, as Hamburg’s Home Affairs Senator, as a husband and father, as the Federal Minister for the Economy or for Defence, as Federal Chancellor, as a pianist, author, publisher of the ZEIT newspaper, an elder statesman, as a globetrotting advocate for international cohesion, and so on and so forth. Official photographs during his political career are there, as are private images – in other words moments of national significance as well as spontaneous unexpected snapshots.

This photographic exhibition is well worth visiting whether you are a Helmut Schmidt fan and aficionado or whether you want to get to know the man for the first time.

Every Friday at 3.30 p.m. there is a free 15-minute introduction to the photographic exhibition “Helmut Schmidt – 100 years in 100 pictures”. Following the introduction, participants have until 5 p.m. to view the exhibition. There is no entrance charge and booking is not necessary.

Those who wish to learn more can book an hour-long tour here.

The exhibition is on view in the Helmut-Schmidt-Forum, Kattrepel 10, at the ZEIT building, which is also home to the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation.

“100 years in 100 pictures” Exhibition to mark the 100th birthday of Helmut Schmidt
till 31 October 2019
Wed–Sun 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
Entrance free

Kattrepel 10 (Domplatz/ZEIT building)
Tel +49 (0)40/334614060

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