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The third issue of the BKHS Magazine presents concrete ideas for remaking globalisation

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The third issue of our BKHS Magazine presents concrete ideas for remaking globalisation. The aim is to develop tangible, multifaceted ideas about what needs to be done and who must act to remake globalisation for the better. Our view of globalisation is a broad one, encompassing the pronounced interconnection and interdependence of peoples and countries around the world. We include in our interpretation all kinds of processes, ranging from the economic, social, cultural and technological, to the institutional interconnectedness of ideas, knowledge, information, goods and services that have spread around the world. We invited a diverse group of people – academics, think tankers, politicians, activists, educators and artists – to contribute their expertise and experience in relation to the most pressing global issues. Using different formats such as essays, memes, murals and photos, the authors all share food for thought and recommendations for action with us. Taken together, they highlight the complexity of globalisation – as well as the many actors that can shape this complex process. 

By bringing together various perspectives and approaches, we believe that the BKHS Magazine can support the transformation towards a sustainable and just globalised world.

Our authors: Elisabeth Winter, Eva Krick, Julia Strasheim, Moritz Schularick, Richard Gowan, Hilary MacDonogh, Sarah Keller, Christian von Soest, Yeo Lay Hwee, Yunnan Chen, Lauren Weir, Brototi Roy, Peter Gardner, Niels Annen, Jörg Brüggemann, Kurt Langbein, Idil Galip, Merle Strunk, Robert Lepenies, Xu Lizhi, Cécile Busche, Uta Schlott, Kirsten Hartmann, Isra Mohamed, Alisa Rieth, Lisa Querner, Raja Albers, Tobias Lentzler, Helmut Schmidt, Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Bernd Lange, Clara Weinhardt, David Luke, Franziska Brantner, Julieta Zelicovich, Melinda St Louis, Franklin Obeng-Odoom 

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