European and International Politics

The European Union – the most successful peace project of all time? This narrative of the EU has long dominated public discourse. It remains an outstanding achievement of the European unification process that war between the EU's member states is unthinkable today. But Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine has shattered the European peace and security order. It is one of the worst outbreaks of violence on the continent since 1945. The war demonstrates that peace and security in Europe cannot be taken for granted and it calls into question some of the foundations of German and European foreign policy. The war's consequences also reach far beyond Europe, for example in terms of global food and energy security or when it comes to international engagement in other conflicts and crises around the globe.

In the “European and international politics” programme area, we analyse current challenges and opportunities for peace and security – in Europe and the world. We develop concrete policy solutions, promote an informed political and societal debate, and make research-based knowledge available to the wider public.