Publication: Exploring the Role of Narratives in China-Africa Relations

China’s growing influence in Africa is often framed as a threat. At least this is a popular narrative held in Europe and in the US. However, is this true and what are Africa-China narratives held amongst Africans? Furthermore, how do such narratives…

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Photo of paper aeroplane with United Nations logo

BKHS Perspectives #07_2024

Struggling for relevance in an era of changes: The Ukraine war and the UN’s future role in…

Author: Kirsten Hartmann 


While the multitude of threats to international peace and security that we are facing – from armed conflicts to the climate emergency – require strengthened multilateral cooperation, the multilateral system with…

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The Prizewinner's Speech

In her speech, Meredith Whittaker warns against the power of the tech industry and…

Dear friends, audience members, venue staff, and all of the people in my life without whose wisdom and support I would not be here today –  thank you so very much. It’s a deep honor to receive the 2024 Helmut Schmidt Future Prize and I am very…

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„Democracy thrives on compromise. Those who cannot compromise are useless for democracy.“

Helmut Schmidt


Deutscher Bundestag | Achim Melde

„In a time of growing problems, we focus on the essentials with realism and sobriety.“

Helmut Schmidt


iStock | romrodinka

„It is better to be prepared for a crisis than to bury your head in the sand.“

Helmut Schmidt


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