Schwarz-weiß Foto von Schmidt an der Orgel. Ergänzt durch animierte rote Nikolausmütze auf Schmidts Kopf.

Musikalische Ausstellungsführung: Auf der Tonspur der Geschichte

10., 14. & 17. Dezember | Vorweihnachtliche Sonderführungen in der Ausstellung „Schmidt!…

Musik und die Weihnachtszeit – kaum etwas passt so gut zueinander! Daher gehen unsere musikalischen Sonderführungen in die nächste Runde: mit einem vorweihnachtlichen Special. Wir freuen uns Sie zu den Sonderführungen in unserer Ausstellung in…

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FOTAR2022: The Changing Politics of Transatlantic Trade Relations

International Conference | Hamburg, 8 December 2022


Globalisation is under a strain. As global supply chains are suffering from Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the afterpains of the pandemic, there is renewed attention to the politics of international trade. Trade is a cornerstone of the transatlantic…

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Schwarz-weiß Foto von Helmut Schmidt.

Stiftung: Warum Schmidt niemals AfD gewählt hätte

Geschichtsklitterung: Hamburger Bürgerschaftsfraktion nutzt Zitate ohne historischen…

Mit einer aktuellen Stellungnahme hat die Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung heute auf die neuerlichen Versuche der AfD reagiert, Äußerungen Schmidts für ihre parteipolitischen Zwecke zu nutzen. Hintergrund ist ein Werbevideo der AfD-Fraktion in…

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To me, press freedom is everything. Without independent media, there is no democracy. We need to fight for it for the sake of every generation — because those in power, whether in autocracies or democracies, do not benefit from accountability and will inevitably work to undermine journalism.

Melissa Chan


Democracy dies with lies and it cannot exist without a well-informed electorate. It is a never-ending fight against corruption at all levels of society. Without a free press, democracy is merely a facade. As an academic and a former journalist, fighting for democracy with a range of tools is a civic duty for me.

Edit Zgut

Journalist and political scientist

I believe that in every society in the world, freedom of the press is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, we have seen a huge decline in recent years. [...] The case of Julian Assange ultimately revealed that Western societies tend to imitate autocratic regimes and even work with them instead of working against them with us. 

Emran Feroz

Journalist and author

For me, press freedom means journalists speaking up among themselves and to power with integrity, honesty and sincerity. To achieve this goal, it is essential that media firms and owners do not stifle journalists. This will help to pave the way and provide answers to the press freedom challenges that exist in our societies.

Tobore Ovuorie

Journalist & recipient of the 2021 Deutsche Welle Freedom of Speech Award

As crises spread around the globe, freedom of the press is deteriorating and gender-based discrimination is increasing. But freedom of the press as a fundamental human right and the ability to speak up for gender equality and justice are essential for creating and maintaining democratic societies.

Fawzya El-Shami


It is the job and duty of the press to hold the powerful to account. Brave journalism is important for society, but it can lead to resistance and repression from those in power. That’s why everyone must fight for press freedom. It is a human right that benefits all of us.

Andre Meister


“Speaking up” is even more difficult since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In Russia and Belarus, independent journalists work from exile or risk imprisonment. In Ukraine, journalists risk their lives. Respect and solidarity to all who continue reporting, which is essential to counter relentless propaganda.

Valerie Hopkins

International correspondent

As journalists, we are committed to a high ethos: the pursuit of truth. This makes us guardians of democracy and defenders of the democratic values that hold our society together. The freedom of the press is one of the most valuable assets we have and must be defended.

Düzen Tekkal

Journalist and Founder of HÁWAR.help

The cost of spreading information in Belarus can be as high as years in jail, wounds from live ammunition, physical violence, searched apartments and sudden exile abroad. Journalism in a dictatorial regime is dangerous. Yet it also brings an important sense of mission: we work to bring people the truth.

Hanna Liubakova

Journalist, writer & activist