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  • FOTAR2020: The Transatlantic Security Partnership in Turbulent Times

    … Road (Belt and Road Initiative), for instance, we were still trying to find out its details. More than 100 countries are involved in the infrastructure project that the Chinese government has been pursuing since 2013; it is regarded as the largest in the world. Hosford’s fear was that countries such as Sri…
  • Global markets and social justice

    … people and markets? These urgent issues will be addressed by the work of the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation. The goal is to project the welfare state success story into the future and strengthen its position as a role model.
  • Organization

    … during his lifetime. The foundation’s day-to-day business is run by a board made up of two honorary members and a chief executive. Individual projects are implemented by a team of staff. Members of the board of trustees Deputies Board Foundation staff

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