Helmut-Schmidt-Zukunftspreis 2024

May 15, 19:00 pm | Meredith Whittaker receives the award for her commitment to the humane development of artificial intelligence for the common good

Meredith Whittaker is the name of the American AI researcher, consultant and manager who will be awarded the Helmut Schmidt Future Prize at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg on 15 May 2024

"Artificial intelligence is more than ever an issue for humanity, and the question of how to develop it in a humane and public welfare-orientated way is of the utmost relevance. If anyone can help us move forward, it is Meredith Whittaker. Whether as a rebellious Google developer, a professor at New York University or a government advisor, she is committed to the responsible and humane development of AI", says the jury in its statement. 

Die Zeit, the Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung and The New Institute have created the Helmut Schmidt Future Prize, an award that is presented annually to an international personality for their innovative achievements in the fields of democracy, society and technology: the award was presented to  Vanessa Nakate in 2022 and Sanna Marin in 2023.

The jury

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